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Advanced Materials Research

Introducing the MycoWorks Scientific Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce the formation of our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which assembles five esteemed researchers who are global experts in the field of mushroom science and research (mycology). The SAB held its inaugural meeting in April, convening online to strategize development paths for MycoWorks’ current and future mycelium materials.

The members of the MycoWorks SAB are: Board Chair Philip Ross, Co-Founder and CTO of MycoWorks; Dr. Leopoldo Naranjo Briceño, Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam; Dr. N. Louise Glass, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley; Dr. David Hibbett, Clark University; Dr. Vera Meyer, Technische Universität, Berlin; and Dr. Jonathan S. Schilling, Itasca Biological Station & Laboratories, University of Minnesota.

“We are excited to have joined with these distinguished researchers who offer the world’s most advanced insights into mycelium technology. The SAB provides research partnerships with world class institutions and the resources to accelerate our breakthroughs in product and process development.” – MycoWorks CEO Matt Scullin.

To learn more about the SAB’s research objectives, read the full press release here.