historic, scientific, and cultural research


MycoWorks’ foundations are based on a curriculum of history, culture, craft and design, and evolved from a hands-on approach to making objects and cultivating living systems. Following are a selection of resources that inspired our genesis.

Please note the level of expertise:


Biodegradable Architecture: Finite Constructions for Endless Futures | Munira Z. Karimjee **
Landscape and environmental consideration of mycotechnologies.

Blood Spore: of Murder and Mushrooms | Hamilton Morris *

Mr. Bloomfield’s Orchard: The Mysterious World of Mushrooms, Molds, and Mycologists | Nicholas P. Money *

The Mushroom at the End of the World | Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing **

Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms | Eugenia Bone *

Merging Science and Art Through Fungi | Vera Meyer *

The Beauty and the Morbid: Fungi as Source of Inspiration in Contemporary Art | Corrado Nai & Vera Meyer *


Cornell Mushroom Blog * – ***
Resources and narratives from the world of mushroom science

Enabling Community-Based Metrology For Wood-Degrading Fungi | Rolando Perez et al. * – ***

Fungi In Their Own Right | Joseph G.H. Wessels **

Principles of Mushroom Developmental Biology | David Moore **

World of Fungi | David Moore * – ***
David Moore’s mycology (fungal biology) resources for students and educators


Mycelium Design | Dezeen *
Clearinghouse of stories about European mycelium design

Mycelium Knowledge | Mediamatic *
Information about mushroom applications and other fermentation

Mycotecture | MoMA *
The Superflux view of future mycelium


Growing Ganoderma Mushrooms | Alice W. Chen **

Mushrooms Industry & Trade | U.S. International Trade Commission **

Mycelium Running | Paul Stamets **
The classic guidebook to the tech and technique for growing mushrooms

United Nations Training Manual on Mushroom Cultivation | Shu-Ting Chang **


Advanced Materials From Fungal Mycelium | Nature **
Testing and justification of mycelium materials for industry

Manual de Biofabricación Con Hongos | Laboratorio de Biofabricación Fadeu **
Spanish language biofabrication manual

Mycelium Material Study | Studio Murmur **
Experiments and test results for mycotecture materials

mycoFARMX_Living Architecture | AADRL **
Modeling, testing and proposal for urban scale mycotecture


Bay Area Applied Mycology *
Mushroom NGO dedicated to cultivation and ecology workshops

Biotech Without Borders ***
Non-profit dedicated to democratizing the practice of biotechnology for the benefit of humankind and the planet

Counter Culture Labs ***
A community supported microbiology maker space

Genspace ***
New York based community lab focused on biotechnology

North American Mycological Association * – ***
Clearinghouse of information about local mushroom clubs, cultivation links, science literature for educators and more