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Elevating bespoke beauty

T10 Bespoke x Made with Reishi™ 

Love at first sight. Last month, we celebrated MycoWorks’ recognition at The Luxury Innovation Summit in Geneva, where a new brand caught our attention T10 Bespoke, by EAR Micro. “Miniature bespoke hearable jewelry:” this was something we’ve never heard before, and we were intrigued. Our new story began at that moment as our curiosity was sparked.  

“Their proposition was unique: ‘The world’s smallest luxury in-ear wireless computers featuring full hi-fi audio, disguised as beautiful bespoke jewelry.’  Their commitment to pioneering technology, premium materials sourcing and obsession with detail and aesthetics seemed very aligned to MycoWorks.” – Fred Martel, MycoWorks SVP Sales & Business Development

We met EAR Micro’s founders, Bear Clark and Patsy Nigh, and it was love at first sight. Similar to MycoWorks, EAR Micro is deeply committed to refined aesthetics, durability, and state-of-the-art technology innovation. Their pioneer product, T10 Bespoke, is the most miniature hearable computer in the world and features audio by loudspeaker industry leader Klipsch Group Inc. Commissioned by Hollywood celebrities, top musical artists, Fortune 500 CEOs, and art collectors around the globe, T10 Bespoke in-ear computers are custom-designed and hand-finished by artisanal jewelers and electronics specialists in the US using the most precious metals and luxurious materials. It was clear to all of us that this moment was the beginning of a collaborative journey.

“We’ve worked very hard to ensure that every part of our product is built from 100% natural and renewable materials. We would not find a traditional vegan alternative made from petrochemicals congruent with this mission.

MycoWorks’ Reishi™ allows us to straddle the gap–a fully vegan leather alternative that is also 100% natural, entirely made from mycelium. Plus, it has the same wonderful feel in hand as the finest real luxury leathers. What a breakthrough!” – Bear Clark, EAR Micro Chief Innovation Instigator

Today, we’re proud to introduce T10 Bespoke x Made with Reishi™: a limited edition of six luxury hearables available for Holiday 2022 at www.T10Bespoke.com. This unique collection combines leading sound technology, state-of-the-art design, and premium material innovation. Featuring Reishi™ black emboss, framed in mirror-polished obsidian black YTPZ ceramic zirconia, over either 24k rose or 24k yellow gold, this exclusive collection features one-of-a-kind pieces that elevate the beauty of bespoke. 

EAR Micro and MycoWorks create custom-made objects designed and tailored to each client’s specifications. Both are designed to meet the customer’s wildest creative dreams. As each Reishi™ sheet is engineered and grown-to-shape for customized quality and performance, so is each T10 Bespoke hi-fi ear computer. Together, we’re elevating the beauty of bespoke by creating elegant solutions for highly selective customers around the globe. 

“While our agreement to collaborate with MycoWorks may be only a month old, we see the partnership enduring in perpetuity. When a customer invests in buying T10 Bespoke, they expect it to last a lifetime. With Reishi™ inlaid atop the ceramic covers of our charging cases, that’s exactly what they’ll get.” – Bear Clark, EAR Micro Chief Innovation Instigator

A collaboration born just a month ago out of mutual admiration has now blossomed into a long-term partnership to bring custom-made luxury hearables Made with Reishi™ to the world. 

Explore T10 Bespoke x Made with Reishi™ and purchase the collection here