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Creative Collaboration

The Brushroll by Daniel Martin Made with Reishi™

“As technologies evolve in my world of beauty, we must look outside the box for opportunities in using new materials moving forward. I love the idea of working with a natural premium material like Reishi to create something sustainable, luxurious and also functional as a makeup artist.”
– Celebrity makeup artist and beauty trendsetter, Daniel Martin

MycoWorks is a biotechnology company founded by artists. Ours is an origin story that makes us unique in the materials field and has guided our work since our founding years. We set out to make the world’s most beautiful, cool, natural material. Aesthetics and quality have always been at our core–we choose to work with people and brands that recognize, mirror and value our ethos. And we’re proud to constantly search for opportunities to collaborate with artists from various fields: fashion designers, leather ateliers, photographers, painters, tattoo artists, chefs, models, musicians—you name it. The more diverse their artistic background, the more interesting for us. 

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our first collaboration in the beauty space: The Brushroll by Daniel Martin made with Reishi™. A one-of-a-kind, beautifully crafted brushroll to carry and protect the finest makeup tools. Made entirely with Reishi™, this case was crafted by Hermès trained artist and leather atelier Beatrice Amblard, and will be used by the New York-based celebrity makeup artist in his practice. 

“My job as a makeup artist is to not only enhance one’s beauty but also to make them feel their most beautiful inside.”  – Celebrity makeup artist and beauty trendsetter, Daniel Martin 

Daniel has been pioneering makeup artistry for almost two decades. His work has been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and more. With a European and Asian background, Daniel enjoys a diverse clientele that includes Michelle Yeoh, Jessica Biel, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Having worked for such brands as Dior Beauty and Honest Beauty, today, Daniel currently is the Global Director of Artistry and Education for Tatcha. 

“I want to change the behavior of how we view beauty. It’s not so much about what’s created on the face on the outside, but rather how it also makes you feel on the inside too.” – Daniel Martin

“At MycoWorks, we celebrate artists that observe nature– artists that work with nature, connecting with it and enhancing it without disrupting its intrinsic beauty. These values are deeply embedded in our philosophy, and it’s why I couldn’t be more proud of this collaboration with Daniel Martin. Together, we’re enhancing the beauty of nature.” – Xevi Gallego, artist and MycoWorks VP of Brand & Marketing

MycoWorks embraces mycelium’s natural beauty, understanding and engineering it to reach its peak softness and performance. Daniel, similarly, observes and uses precise intervention to enhance the natural beauty of his clients—allowing them to shine from within. 

For us, art is a curious exploration of the creative spirit, and a devotion to beauty and quality. We use art as a lens to see the world. We work with artists as a way to understand our material. And we are inspired by artistic practices to evolve our technology. Bringing a unique point of view, an unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary understanding of life, artists have gifted us with diverse ideas that nurture our material and our understanding of our technology. 

We’re thrilled to bring this creative collaboration to life: a shared devotion to close attention and precise intervention to unleash natural beauty.